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miraDry Treatment for Hyperhidrosis

What is miraDry?

Suffering from embarrassing sweat spots on your shirt from excessive sweating? Odor related to sweating?

miraDry is a revolutionary FDA-cleared non-surgical treatment that permanently reduces underarm sweat, odor, and hair in just ONE hour and with immediate results. Clinical studies have demonstrated an average reduction of 82% in underarm sweat, 80-90% reduction in odor, and 60-70% reduction in underarm hair in up to 2 treatments. Like any other medical procedure, results can vary from patient to patient.

If axillary hyperhidrosis is a problem for you, then the miraDry treatment might be the treatment you need.

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This treatment is done in our Robbinsville location.

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miraDry Treatment

miraDry is an in-office procedure that can effectively reduce underarm sweating (or axillary hyperhidrosis). The procedure is non-invasive. The handpiece from the miraDry system is applied to the area to be treated, delivering electromagnetic energy that disrupts and eliminates the sweat glands. Once destroyed, these sweat glands do not regenerate, resulting in a long-term reduction in underarm sweating. The miraDry system is FDA-approved to reduce underarm sweat, and also is approved for hair removal.

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